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Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (LIMS):

Logistics is the process of strategically managing and controlling the flow of goods/ material, information and other resources between the point of origin (supply) and the point of consumption (demand), in order to meet customer's requirements in terms of schedule, quality and cost. Logistics involves the integration of inventory information, procurement, packaging, transportation, material handling, warehousing, store management, etc., in such a way that the inventory holding costs for clients are minimized, yet inventory is available just-in-time to meet demands.

The ARMS® V2 LIMS is a comprehensive and integrated solution which addresses the Logistics & Inventory Management activities not only for airlines/ air transport operators, but can also be used very effectively by MRO organizations.

The ARMS® V2 LIMS solution is a real-time information system and provides complete visibility of all functions throughout the organization. Procurement, Receipt & Dispatch, and Stores functions are all seamlessly integrated to ensure free flow of data and information between the engineering, maintenance and logistics users.

It is an automation enabler whereby the complex demand/ supply scenario in an airline/ MRO, in terms of flow of materials, consumables, LRUs, sub-assemblies and rotables is coordinated to achieve (a) minimum inventory costs and (b) just-in-time positioning to avoid AOGs on one hand and avoid excess dead stock, on the other. This is achieved through the effective use of statistical inventory management tools and seamless and efficient flow of information throughout the organization, thus enabling proactive management of the supply chain.

Through ARMS® V2 LIMS it is possible to implement a “virtual or electronic inventory control system” wherein the inventory is optimized and located strategically near the areas of demand, but management and control of the supply chain is controlled centrally.

LIMS comprises the following modules:
Inventory Master (INV) with IPC integration Stores Management (SMM)
Vendor Management (VEN) Receipt & Dispatch (RDM)
Purchase & Procurement Module (PPM) Workshop/ Repairs Coordination (WRC)
Planning, Provisioning & Forecasting (PPF) Centralized Logistics MIS Reports Module (LMR)
Logistics MIS Reports (LMR) Finance Management (FIN)

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