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Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
Crew constitutes the second most expensive resource in aircraft direct operating costs. When it comes to reducing crew related costs and optimum utilization of crew, the complexity and adversities are maximum. Issues that need to be addressed are; flight safety, motivation, proficiency, skills, knowledge and professionalism. Statutory/ Regulatory bodies mandate a multitude of rules, regulations, variables and limitations governing utilization of crew, leading to a large number of permutations, making the task of managing crew even more challenging. Therefore, in ARMS® V2 the CMSS plays a pivotal role for efficient resource management, especially since it is integrated with all other Sub-Systems of ARMS® V2. CMSS is available separately for Flight Deck Crew & Cabin Crew. It comprises the following modules which cover all aspects of effective & efficient crew management:

Crew Records Module (CRM)
Crew Training, Qualification & Document Planning Module (TQD)
Crew Leave Management Module (CLM)
Crew Trips Optimizer (CTO)
Crew Scheduling and Rostering Module (S&R)
Crew Control Module (CCM)
Crew Logistics Support (CLS)
Crew Web Portal (CWP)
Crew Mobile App (AOM)
USYNC - Optional
Crew Log Books (CLB)
Crew Pay & Allowances Module (CPA)
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