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  • Online Accommodation Tracking System (OATS):
    • Accommodation Master; to define the layout, type and categories of accommodation (define the inventory).
    • Booking Engine; the client making a requisition/ reservation can directly view availability of accommodation and make bookings online.
    • Integration with CRSS & DCSS Lite; The system will display the availability and booking status in the CRSS and DCSS and provide warnings if a person is being cleared to board without confirmed accommodation booking.
    • Check-in/ Check Out; for the front desk of the accommodation managers. This module will automatically update the availability status on the CRSS & DCSS
    • Room Status Updates (Housekeeping); The housekeeping staff will have a console to view bookings, check-in/ out timings and can update the preparedness status and serviceability of the rooms.
    • Room Status Monitor; will be used by all the users to get an instant view of the accommodation inventory.
    • Export to FAS: Utilization and billing data will be exported to clients or parent company's Financial Accounting System.
    • Reports:
      • A collection of MIS reports, designed as per clients requirements.
      • Reports can be "pushed" thru email/ Fax or "pulled" thru specific/ pre-defined queries.
      • An Executive Dash Board for a quick heads up on the movement of personnel and flights.
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