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  • Departure/ Boarding Control Sub-System (DBCS):
    • Pax Check-in; weighing and final audit of qualifications/ certification. Print & Issue Boarding Card.
    • Pax Baggage check-in; weighing and printing of Baggage Tags
    • Cargo Check In; acceptance of Cargo, weighing and tagging. Categorization of Cargo as per "Dangerous Goods: standards and printing handling instructions sheet.
    • Boarding Control; (Final Check at departure gates): outputs a Boarding check list for reconciliation
    • Pax & Cargo Manifest/ APIS; automatically generates a Passenger, checked-in baggage & Cargo manifest. Online version is sent to the HLO at destination.
    • Pax & Baggage Reconciliation; HLO at Destination can update this console to confirm reconciliation; or report missing pax/ baggage/ cargo.
    • Notification Module; send out Email/ Fax/ SMS notifications to concerned recipients in case of No-Shows, Off-Loads, etc.
    • Reports:
      • A collection of MIS reports, designed as per clients requirements.
      • Reports can be "pushed" thru email/ Fax or "pulled" thru specific/ pre-defined queries.
      • An Executive Dash Board for a quick heads up on the movement of personnel and flights.
      • Integration with 3rd party Sw: export/import info/data to/from other systems (as required)
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