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  • Computerized Reservation Sub-System (CRSS)
    • Create "Clients Master"; record details of clients, contact persons, contract details, etc.
    • Personnel Master; record details of personnel, contact details, certifications, etc.
    • Reservation & Requisitioning (Web-based, online system)
      • Clients can make travel Itinerary for a person or a group and submit a requisition
      • Clients can Book/ reserve Seat(s) on scheduled flights or reserved aircraft
      • Clients can Book the whole aircraft(s) - and submit itinerary
      • Clients can Book the whole aircraft(s) - and submit itinerary
      • Clients can submit Requisitions for "Adhoc" tasks/ flights
    • Pax Tracker: Clients can at any given point find out the present position of a person/ staff.
    • Reports:
      • A collection of MIS reports, designed as per clients requirements.
      • Reports can be "pushed" thru email/ Fax or "pulled" thru specific/ pre-defined queries.
      • An Executive Dash Board for a quick heads up on the movement of personnel and flights.
    • Integration with 3rd party Sw; the system will read/write (import/export) data or information from/to existing systems or future 3rd party systems through industry standard data interchange formats.
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