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Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS) Fleet Watch/ Flight Following:
Flight Operations is the heartbeat of an airline. Efficient and punctual management of the fleet not only has an impact on passenger satisfaction and loyalty, but also has a long term impact on profitability. Information on the status and position of flights has to be made available to decision makers in near-real-time, so that the adverse effects of inevitable disruptions are minimized and informed as well as optimum decisions are made. The ARMS® V2 FOSS is a comprehensive Fleet Watch/ Flight Following solution which uses low-cost connectivity options to ensure smooth and near real-time flow of operational information across the bases and stations. It is based on the internet and cellular technologies to substantially reduce the telecom costs, while offering multiple redundant connection options. Please refer Figure below for a schematic depiction of network connectivity options.

Fleet Controller's Terminal (FCT)
Fleet Controller's Terminal (FCT)
Tail Assignment Optimizer (TAO)
Remote Movement Messaging (RMM)
HHorizontal Situation Display (HSD)
Day of Operation Status Board (DOP)
Weather Display (WXD)
Flight Status Module (FSM)
Message Management Module
Notification Module
ATC Slot Manager Module

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