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Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM):
The ARMS FCAM is an accurate fuel monitoring tool for analyzing the effectiveness of an Airline's Fuel Conservation Policy/ Program.
It collates the required data from various Data sources: DFDR/ QAR, OPS, Tech log, and CFP for fuel analysis.
Fuel Analysis includes Exception Analysis (Plan vs Actual), SOP compliance check, Fuel consumption Records, Plan vs Actual Flight Path, etc. Thereafter, it uses business intelligence (BI) tools to build detailed statistical analysis of the fuel consumed giving graphical and tabular summaries of fuel consumption trends and deviations from Planned fuel/ SOP.
Benefits Include:
  • Identify specific KPI for Monitoring & Measurement
  • Collate all data required for in-depth analysis
  • Easily identify areas that need to be tightened
  • IOSA, EU-ETS Compliance
  • Proactively Control Fuel Burn

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Fuel Analysis
Bi And Data Analytics Module:

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