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Integrated Training Management System (ITMS):
For Airlines to be at par with international standards and best industry practices, a state-of-the-art Integrated Training Management System (ITMS) is an absolute necessity, which ensures a high degree of workflow automation, consistency and compliance with respect to Crew/ Staff training. However, the main cause for concern is that the Crew/ Staff Training and Certification data is scattered across the organization with no common ownership.
The ARMS ITMS centrally unifies Crew/ Staff training records for all employees (whether on full-time employment or on contract), to ensure that certification, skills and knowledge levels are monitored and maintained to the desired level, so as to satisfy the Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance requirements. The system also manages all administrative and operational functions of the organization in order to achieve a high degree of automation and consistency, thus reducing the number of manpower required to achieve the objectives.
ARMS ITMS integrates seamlessly with Crew Management (CMSS). All training related callouts, requisitions, assignments, completion reports, etc. can be raised directly from CMSS to ITMS.

Curriculum Management Module
Resource Management Module
Administrative Functions
Finance & Accounting Functions
Security and Access Rights Module (SAR)
Simulator Management (Optional)
Training Content Management
Testing Assessment Grading Module (TAGS)
Integrated Training Center Web Portal (ITC Portal)

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