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There are four important steps (phases) in the deployment of the InfoPrompt® System:

Conversion of Paper-to-Digital:

This is achieved by scanning the documents, books, journals etc., running Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the image files to ASCII text and then restoring the format of the documents/ manuscripts to original. This process also applies to the conversion (scanning) of images, photographs, transparencies, blue prints, diagrams etc., to appropriate digital formats. In certain cases even videotapes, audiotapes, movie (celluloid) films etc., can be converted and made available as electronic digital resources.

Sanitize, validate and organize:

By simply converting paper-to-digital (P2D) you will create a digital heap out of paper heap. Documents, manuscripts and other resources once converted or digitalized, have to be checked for their validity, organized, bookmarked and reported to the search engines. The digital content must also be put into or linked to a database, so that search and retrieval becomes fast, easy & accurate. In InfoPrompt® this daunting task is achieved with drag-n-drop simplicity. The InfoPrompt® tools allow the users to define an organizational hierarchical tree, make an identical directory structure on the harddisk and outputs information for making the structure of the Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS). Thereafter the user just drags-n-drops the objects/ resources in the appropriate places.

On-line Distribution and presentation:

Once the information, data, documents and other objects are organized and put into/ linked to the RDBMS, making it available to various Information Systems e.g., MIS, ERP, IDMS etc., is relatively a simple task. As a matter of fact, the designing of query engines/ wizards and other information systems, itself becomes that much easier, once all the information is well organized and the hierarchical structure is known.

The Front-End:

The objects & resources contained within the back-end structure of the InfoPrompt® system is presented to the users through its Front-End applet the eDOCs Reader. eDOCs Reader is a dedicated, secure embedded browser that allows valid users to access the information, data, documents and other objects contained on the Servers.

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