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The design of the InfoPrompt® System is based on the science of "epistemology" and the current generation industry initiatives, targeted towards bringing the principles of "Knowledge Management" into mainstream Information Technology applications.

It provides (a) an user friendly tools to set up hierarchical classification of the information structure (Taxonomy), (b) builds context, relevance and sub-category information based on essential properties (Ontology) and finally (c) provides functionality for capturing/ defining of Metadata for fast, relevant and accurate search.

While InfoPrompt® may seemingly look like the Windows Explorer; it actually is interfacing and interacting with the RDBMS (MS SQL 2005/ 08) at the back-end. All content that is “checked into” InfoPrompt® resides within the database, thus benefitting from all the advantageous of a current generation RDBMS, viz., security, availability, and robustness.

InfoPrompt® can be used very effectively to set up an online Technical Library that can manage the Technical Documentation and also for digital storage and archiving of all records and documents, policy letters, information downloaded from the internet, etc.

The User Rights & Access Control Management module of InfoPrompt® is very comprehensive and secure. It can assign individual/ group/ departmental rights with a high degree of granularity, i.e., exercise control over cabinets, folder, or Sub-folder level. Users who have the necessary security rights and privileges can connect to the InfoPrompt® Server over LAN/ WAN after being duly authenticated.

Once the content is organized in InfoPrompt® it can be easily accessed by users through eDOCs which is the front-end reader application for InfoPrompt®. It is available as a Client Server Windows application as well as a Web application to access the objects over the Internet.

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