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In today's cutthroat business world, one of the keys to survival and guaranteed success is to have the right team of Knowledge workers who have access to the right knowledge at the right time. Access to information not just explicit (documented) but also tacit (undocumented) further enhances the effectiveness of Knowledge Workers.

InfoPrompt® is an Integrated Document Management System. It provides "drag-n-drop" simplicity to the daunting task of collating, organizing, and sanitizing complex data structures for current generation RDBM Systems. InfoPrompt® can be used very effectively not only for business data, but also for managing and organizing large external objects e.g., multimedia object libraries, electronic documents in PDF format etc. It is best suited to be used as the backbone for Enterprise class Knowledge Management Systems

InfoPrompt® is an innovative software utility that manages and organizes;
Data for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
Knowledge resources for Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
Information for Management Information Systems (MIS)
e-Documents for Integrated Document Management Systems (IDMS)
Digital Video Movies for On-line Video Libraries
ClipArt & Infographics for Image Source Libraries

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