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The Delta.Net® Shell - resides on the servers and hosts the interactive multimedia content and the RDBMS containing campus, infrastructure and personnel data. The Functional Components/ Modules are listed bellow:

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) module - A tool for Teachers/ Instructors. It automates the entire process of lecture preparation in strict compliance to "standard training practises (STPs), provides on-line access to Knowledge Resources and manages the delivery of interactive multimedia content in the classroom for enhanced ellucidation.

Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) - is a Learning Management System-cum-Knowledge Management System (LMS+KMS) that manages the usage and delivery of curriculum-based knowledge resources, interactive multimedia CBT/WBT courseware and self-assessment tools.

Collaborative Training Systems (CTS)- for inter-peer training that involves group exercises/ teamwork. This system integrates PCs on a network through IP addresses and provides low-cost, PC-based simulation systems/ emulation devices.

Testing, Assessment and Grading System (TAGS) - for online and off-line (paper-based) testing/ examination with automatic invigilation, evaluation, assessment and grading capabilities.

Institution/ Campus Management System (C/IMS) - an ERP, MIS and HRM system for effective management of campus, infrastructure and personnel resources. This module also includes Decision Support, Scheduling and Disruption Management features.

Content Management Tools (CMT) - allows the users to manage, modify/edit and append the multimedia content with administrative control.


In the Classroom:
Instructor-led-delivery, Chalk-n-talk
Computer-Assisted-Instruction (CAI)
Tools for Instructor-led-training in the classroom
Lecture preparation by the Instructor
Lecture delivery in the classroom
Paper-based Literary Resources:
Books, journals, Library, manuals
Integrated Document Management System
Documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
Knowledge Resources:
Documents, correspondence, Web resources, Articles, White Papers etc.,
Knowledge Management System (KMS)
Resources are categorized and made available through a web enabled Browser application
Self-study/ Assignments:
Class-Work, Home-Work, Projects & Practical
Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)
Tools for Self-learning and assessment by trainees
Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) /
    Learning Management System (LMS)
Tools for managing the interactive multimedia courseware     delivered through CBT/ WBT systems
    Manage the course progression and performance of the     trainees
Group exercises & Projects: Collaborative Training Systems (CTS)
Computer-based emulation systems
Networked Simulation Systems
Collaborative exercises on IP based connectivity
Tests & Examinations: Testing, Assessment & Grading System (TAGS)
On-line and off-line examination systems
Self-assessment/ self-evaluation modules
Dynamic FAQ bank
Office & Administrative functions: Campus/ Institution Management System (C/IMS)
Campus, infrastructure & asset management
Personnel/ Human Resource Management
Electronic Library Management
Resource Planning, Scheduling & Rostering
Disruption Management
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