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Architecture: Client-Server platform, MS Windows 2000; choice of RDBMS back-end (Oracle 8 or MS SQL 2000)

Scalable: Proven, widely used industry-standard operating system and RDBMS enables a seamless growth of content, subjects and trainees

Modular: The modules are available separately as independent stand-alone modules or can be used together as a fully integrated networked (LAN/WAN/I-NET) system

Unified Content: Server-resident lecture plans and digital content, allows on-line upgradeation and synchronization with the syllabus structure, throughout the organization.

Interactive Multimedia Content: The use of interactive multimedia training, aids in rapid assimilation, better understanding and visualization of the subject, thereby causing better transfer of knowledge and higher retention levels.

Consistency: From batch to batch, through the use of a synchronized syllabus, lessons plans and delivery. A common digital library of text, graphics and multimedia objects is available to all instructors. This ensures uniformity in the delivery of lectures or instruction.

Availability: Being web-enabled, it allows multi-base operations and remote anytime-any place access through a variety of standard data exchange protocols.

Automation: A number of workflow applications are provided to help automate and manage the routine chores of an institution, such as the allocation of resources, periodic testing and the maintenance of records.

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