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Delta.Net® addresses the lacunae and limitations of the conventional pedagogical processes viz., education, learning, teaching and training.

Delta.Net® is the catalyst for modernizing and automating the conventional methodologies and processes, through innovative implementation of state-of-the-art InfoTech, Multimedia and Computer Graphics technologies.

It is especially designed for "curriculum-based" training establishments and educational institutions that face constraints of cost, time, geographical limitations, human resources and training assets.

It is a comprehensive, cost-effective and user-friendly InfoTech solution that addresses emerging technology initiatives viz.:

Web-enabled Distance Education (WDE)
Computer/ Web-Based-Training (CBT/ WBT)
Technology for Education (TfE)
Educational Management Information System (EMIS)

The Delta.Net® System integrates the following InfoTech disciplines into an innovative and seamlessly integrated solution:

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
Integrated Document Management Systems (IDMS)
Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)
Performance Support Systems (PSS)
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
Campus/ Establishment Resource Planning (ERP)

Delta.Net® is delivered as a comprehensive turnkey solution, covering aspects of hardware, networking, software, content creation, management of multimedia resources and facilities. Turnkey deployment of Delta.Net® ensures true force-multiplication and early return on investment.

What does Delta.Net® do?

The Delta.Net® System provides you with InfoTech solutions to address the entire pedagogical process in a modular and scalable manner.

Teaching Instructor-led-Lectures
Assimilation Tests
Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
Learning Self-study Reference to literary works and other learning resources
See, listen and experience
Ask questions to self, teachers, peers and others
Meditation & Contemplation
Exercise and rote
Testing & Self-Assessment
Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)
Group Exercises Interaction with peers and others
Learning from ones own mistakes and those of others
Collaborative Training System (CTS)
Tests, Exams and Performance Assessment Casual Tests
Formal Examinations
Competitive Tests
Scores and Results
Assessment & Counseling
Testing, Assessment & Grading System (TAGS)
Educational Assets Management Panel of senior faculty members to manage curriculum progress.
Librarian & Lab Assistants
Supervisors to lookafter other Training Aids
Content Management Tools (CMT)
Campus/ Institutional Administration Staff & Students records Fees collection Back Office Staff for monitoring of assets, facilities, inventories, staff & students records
Accounts Dept., for collecting Fees and filing reports
Campus/ Institutional Management System (C/IMS)

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