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Aviation Resources Management System - ARMS® V2.5 addresses the following functional areas of an aviation's operations:
Commercial Planning Sub-System (CPSS)
Plan & Analyze Network Schedules ● Export final schedule to SSIM ● Includes network optimizers

Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS) Fleet Watch/ Flight
Track and manage your fleet in real-time with a graphical display of position, coordinates departure/ arrival timings, all updated in real-time ● Can be integrated with ACARS, SATCOM inputs.

Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System (FPDS)
Computerized Flight Plans ● Accurate Fuel Planning ● Filing of Flight Plans and Clearances ● Load & Trim ● Up-to-date Weather & NOTAM briefing online ● Centralized Crew Briefing & Dispatch functions

Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
Continuous monitoring of Crew Records and Expires ● Crew Planning, Scheduling & Rostering ● Continuous FDTL monitoring ● Auto Roster ● Crew Trip Optimizers ● User configurable Rules Engine ● Training Planning ● Pay & Allowances ● Crew control & Coordination ● Leave Planning & Management

Crew Portal (CWP)
Web browser based portal for crew to access certain permissible areas of the Crew Management System ● View Roster ● Apply for leave ● View documents online ● Sick Report

Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (EMSS)
CAR145 and CAR Part M (CAMO) compliant system ● Aircraft Records ● Aircraft Scheduling ● Planning ● SB/ AD compliance ● Quality Management ● Engineering Crew Management and everything else that is required to run an M&E Department efficiently

Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (LIMS)
Integrated Stores, Material Management and Inventory control functions ● Provisioning, Procurement and Vendor Management ● Centralized control of multi-location stores ● Handles Aircraft spares, Tools, Special equipment and nay other Inventory item ● Seamless integration with Financial Accounting Systems

Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis Sub-System (FDMA)
Full suite of Flight Data Analysis tools ● Analysis & Report exceedance, Fuel consumption, Block timings & time-in-air, Defects and failures based on high fidelity data for each flight ● Integrated part for your FOQA/ MOQA initiatives ● Ideal monitoring tool for your fuel conservation program

Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM)
Admin Module ● Fuel Consumption Dashboard ● Data Collation ● Fuel Analysis ● Bi And Data Analytics Module: ●

Safety & Quality Management Sub-System (SQMS)
Admin ● Home Page: To-do List, Executive Dashboard, Centralized MIS Reports ● Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) ● Occurrence Reporting ● Occurrence Management ● Investigation Management ● Audit Management ● Meetings Management ● Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) ● Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA) ● Safety Performance Monitoring (KPI DASHBOARD)

Heavy Maintenance Repair and Overhaul System (HMRO)
Commercial Sub-System (Commercial Functions) ● Resource Planning & Scheduling (Planning Functions) ● Production (Production Functions) ● Centralized MIS Reports, EIS Dashboard Metrics ● Logistics & Inventory Management (Independent Sub-System) ● Safety and Quality Management (Independent Sub-System) ● Integrated Document Management (Tech Pubs Library) (Independent Sub-System)

Integrated Training Management System (ITMS)
Curriculum Management ● Resource Management Module ● Administrative Functions ● Integrated Training Center Web Portal (Itc Portal) ● Finance & Accounting Functions ● Security And Access Rights (SAR) ● Simulator Management (Optional) ● Integration Between ITMS & CMSS
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