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What's New in V2.5


  • Multi-tier architecture with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) using .NET Framework 3.5 (C# .net). New architecture comprises the following layers:
    • User Interface Layer (UI)
    • Service Layer (SL)
    • Business Logic Layer (BLL)
    • Data Access Layer (DAL)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):
    • The Service can be hosted in a common server and can be accessed over LAN/WAN/Internet.
    • Go-Global and Citrix (i.e., Thin-Client/ Meta-Frame Solutions) not required.
    • Same Service can be used for Windows and Web Interfaces.
  • Database independent (Presently on MS SQL 2008).
  • The exe at user PC will be light weight, ensuring reduction in hardware overheads. Entire application logic resides in the Server, ensuring better and centralized control of server resources.
  • Engineered for performance enhancement, in terms of speed, response times and stability.
  • Enhanced Security:
    • Common login for all sub-systems; User doesn't have to switch over to different screen for accessing different sub-systems.
    • Object level access control and permissions can be defined.
    • User Inactivity Lock; if system is idle for "n" time, system will automatically log off. This is to ensure security.
    • Validation against unauthorized access; Using Client Credentials tokens at login.
    • Login against Active Directory Users.
    • An active user session can be forced-killed from the "Admin User Monitoring System"
    • Un-authorized access report.
    • Multiple concurrent user login with same username not permitted.
    • Comprehensive log of all user actions on important transactions.
  • Multiple Time Zones:
    • User can enter data from any time zone set at the time of login. Data would be saved in UTC and displayed to the user according to his/her time zone preference.
    • Reports can be generated for any desired time zone.
  • Reports can be generated for any desired time zone.
  • Real Time updates to RDBMS; e.g., when a Movement Control entry (OOOI) is made, it will be reflected on all FC users' screens without having to refresh their screen.
  • Internal Messaging:
    • Users can send instant messages to all/selected ARMSŪ V2.5 logged in users.
    • Feature to send Email and SMS from within the application.
    • Automatic Email and SMS for identified transactions.
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