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The aviation industry is passing through a phase of turmoil with the bottom-lines under serious threat from rising oil prices. Besides rationalizing the routes and maximizing yield, the bigger challenge that Air Transport Operators face is reduction and tight control of direct operating costs.
All this demands efficient processes and an effective Information System to arm the decision makers with accurate, reliable and near real-time information and data.


ARMS® V2.5 - Aviation Resource Management System is a current-generation, state-of-the-art Information Technology System which effectively addresses the extremely critical and cost sensitive nature of Commercial Airlines/ Air Transport operations. It is a unique combination of (a) an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) (b) Decision Support System (DSS) (c) Workflow Automation Solution (WFA) (d) Executive Management Information System (EMIS) (e) Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) viz., InfoPrompt®.

These cutting-edge information technologies are seamlessly interwoven to provide the civil aviation industry with a cost-effective integrated solution, which is modular, scalable & highly user-customizable. ARMS® V2.5 is robust, redundant and a well-proven system.

The primary scope of ARMS® V2.5 is disciplined management of processes and resources required for safe operations and maintenance of aircraft, while simultaneously achieving reductions in direct operating costs. This control is through:

  • A high degree of Workflow Automation, yielding reductions in the manpower required to manage the back-office functions of an airline.
  • Unified Data Entry and Capture points, to avoid duplication and additional manpower.
  • Pro-active Fuel Consumption Monitoring, driving an effective Fuel Conservation Policy.
  • Tight monitoring of direct aircraft operational expenses.
  • Efficient Planning and Management of deployment and utilization of all resources, including Crew, Aircraft, Equipment and other assets.
  • Strict Statutory Compliance and Decision Support, through a near real-time EMIS.
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