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Aviation Resources Management System Non-Scheduled (ARMS® NS) addresses the following functional areas of an airline's operations:

Charter Sales Management Sub-System (CSMS)
A one-stop solution for managing Charter Sales in association with Aircraft Operations ● Share your Aircraft or Seat Inventories with syndicate partners ● Enables direct interaction with Customers or through Sales Agents

Computerized Reservation & Requisitioning Sub-System (CRRS)
For raising requisitions for Aircraft or requisitioning seats on Charter Aircraft. Ideal for large organizations for managing inter-departmental travel requisitions

Departure/ Boarding Control Sub-System (DBCS)
Boarding control simplified ● All statutory requirements for boarding and departure control addressed through a highly portable system using COTS components ● Integrated Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag printing on standard laser/ inkjet printers


Lite versions for the following Sub-Systems are also included:
Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS) Fleet Watch/ Flight:
Define and register your tasks for the day or week ● Track Flights ● Monitor movements of aircraft in real-time ● Keep a watch on the Fleet ● Manage disruptions proactively ● Notify all concerned of changes to schedule
Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS):
Continuous monitoring of Crew Records and Expiries ● Planning, Scheduling & Rostering ● Continuous FDTL monitoring ● Training Planning & Management ● Statutory Compliance
Crew Portal:
Web browser based portal for crew to access certain permissible areas of the Crew Management System ● View Roster ● Apply for leave ● View documents online ● Report Sick


Available for the offshore Oil & Gas Industries:
Online Accommodation Tracking System (OATS):
Ensures availability of accommodation on offshore sites prior to confirmation of itinerary ● Comprehensive Accommodation Management tool including check-in/ check-out, housekeeping, facilities management, catering functions, etc
Passenger/ Personnel Tracking System (PAXTrac):
Ensures the permissible number of personnel are on an offshore site at any given point ● Can track personnel movements from home base to offshore locations ● Warns users in case permissible capacity on an installation is exceeding

* OATS & PAXTrac are fully integrated with CRRS & DBCS

Also available from the ARMS V2.5 stable, for Charter Operations/ NSOPs
Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System (FPDS):
Computerized Flight Plans ● Accurate Fuel Planning ● Filing of Flight Plans and Clearances ● Load & Trim ● Up-to-date Weather & NOTAM briefing online ● Centralized Crew Briefing & Dispatch functions

Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (EMSS):
CAR145 and CAR Part M (CAMO) compliant system ● Aircraft Records ● Aircraft Scheduling ● Planning ● SB/ AD compliance ● Quality Management ● Engineering Crew Management and everything else that is required to run an MNE Department efficiently

Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (LIMS):
Integrated Stores, Material Management and Inventory control functions ● Provisioning, Procurement and Vendor Management ● Centralized control of multi-location Stores ● Handles Aircraft Spares, Tools, Special Equipment and any other Inventory item ● Seamless integration with Financial Accounting Systems

Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis Sub-System (FDMA):
Full suite of Flight Data Analysis tools ● Analysis & Report exceedance, Fuel consumption, Block timings & time-in-air, Defects and failures based on high fidelity data for each flight ● Integrated part for your FOQA/ MOQA initiatives
● Ideal monitoring tool for your fuel conservation program


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