• What is ARMS® V2?
    • ARMS® V2 - Aviation Resource Management System, has been in use at numerous Airlines and Non-Schedule Operators over the past 8~9 years and has successfully undergone several Statutory Audits.

      ARMS® V2 is a current-generation, state-of-the-art Information Technology System which effectively addresses the extremely critical and compliance-sensitive nature of Commercial Airlines/ Air Transport operations. It is a unique combination of (a) an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) (b) Decision Support System (DSS) (c) Workflow Automation Solution (WFA) (d) Executive Management Information System (EMIS) (e) Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) viz., InfoPrompt®.

      These cutting-edge information technologies are seamlessly interwoven to provide the civil aviation industry with a cost-effective integrated solution, which is modular, scalable & highly user-customizable. ARMS® V2 is an established, robust and well-proven system.

      The primary scope of ARMS® V2 is effective management of processes and resources required for safe & efficient operations and maintenance of aircraft, while aiming for overall improvement in safety and reduction in direct operating costs.

      ARMS® V2 is one of the few systems in the industry that seamlessly integrates all the functional and operational areas of an airline/ air transport operator, with a common database engine in the back-end. For more details click here
  • What is the Difference between ARMS® V2 and ARMS® -Lite?
    • ARMS® V2 is designed for Scheduled Airlines & Air Cargo Companies and ARMS® -Lite can be used by Non-scheduled Operators and Air Charter Companies. Click on the appropriate like to learn more about Sub-Systems offered in the ARMS® V2 suit and ARMS® -Lite suit.
  • Which modules are covered in ARMS® V2/ ARMS®- Lite?

    Sr. No. Sub-Systems of ARMS® V2 Sr. No. Sub-Systems of ARMS® Lite
    01. Commercial Planning Sub-System (CPSS) 01. Charter Sales Management Sub-System (CSMS)
    02. Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)
    Fleet Watch/ Flight
    02. Parking Bay Management System (PBMS)
    03. Flight Planning & Dispatch
    Sub-System (FPDS)
    03. Computerized Reservation & Requisitioning
    Sub-System (CRRS)
    04. Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS) 04. Departure/ Boarding Control Sub-System   
    05. Crew Portal
    06 Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis
    Sub-System (FDMA)
    07. Safety & Quality Management System (SQMS)  
    08. Engineering & Maintenance
    Sub-System (EMSS)
    09. Logistics & Inventory Management
    Sub-System (LIMSS)
    10. Heavy Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul
     Sub-System (HMRO)
    11. Integrated Training Management System
    Under Development:
    01. Profitability Analyzer 01. Computerized Reservation & E-Ticketing Sub-System (CRETS)
    02. Air Cargo Management    
    03. Airport & GSE Management    
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