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We believe that people are our biggest asset and this remains integral to our vision as an organization. We follow stringent procedure to get the best from the industry and our onboarding system enables them to blend into a work environment that inspires people to realize their full potential.

We observe a five day week. Our people culture promotes fairness in performance appraisal, sensitivity to diversity and gender, access to the latest technology, training for up-skilling & cross-skilling, and cross-pollination for building all-round performers. We believe in work-life balance and encourages family time for employees by exhorting everyone to avail leave and take holidays.

With a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing, on-job-learning becomes easy and that remains the foundation of our efficient hire-train-deploy lifecycle. Being democratic and open-door, every employee can approach his senior to present, discuss, debate ideas and bring them to fruition. The result is a spirited and efficient team that has had a historical attrition rate of less that 2%, miles ahead of what the industry would strive for.

The distinguishing feature of our team is the combination of technical expertise with creative skills offering a work-culture that challenges and stimulates. As part of the team, you will be provided with training on our indigenously developed product portfolio and the specialized software tools that are used to develop them, plus, the new and current generation technologies that future-proof our applications and solutions.

In a potential team member we look for a combination of creativity, intelligence, hard work, dedication and integrity. Is that a tall order or do you have it in you? Click here to join SDS!


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